VOLT Studios Celebrates 2016 Rebrand

Big year lies ahead for the Creative Collective.

Meet the Team 2016: Timelapse video of recent staff photoshoot

Things are moving fast on the 11th floor of the Lumber Exchange. In late 2015, the leadership team at VOLT Studios decided to get serious about the future. Specifically in regards to defining VOLT Studios’ brand unity and strategic growth plans. Sounds scary, huh?

Their first step was a massive website revamp, of course. (Welcome.)

New creative forces were hired to help lead the charge, including Tom Jacobsen as Creative Director, Caroline Hitt as Strategist, and Kurtis Benson as Motion Designer. The team immediately jumped on updating brand design elements, including simplifying the classic “V” logo and color scheme from orange to neon blue. Further details about the rebrand will rollout in Q2.

Until then, enjoy this little video of our incredibly talented team.

And don’t forget to check out how the photos from the shoot turned out here.