Staff Stories: Kurtis Benson

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Kurtis knew he loved art early on. When you grow up on Cartoon Network programs like Toonami and Adult Swim, it’s easy to fall in love with animation!

He took every art class in high school and got solid grades, but once he learned he could make a career out of it, he knew he had to pursue it. After enrolling at The Art Institute, he trained in a spirited environment with a healthy dose of competition. 

“One of my best friends from the class was competitive. Each time we’d get an assignment, we’d turn to each other and say, ‘I’m going to do better than you,’ and that was the most important aspect of going to school. The competition helped shape us.”

Kurtis landed an internship with VOLT Studios and was eventually hired to handle Motion Graphics, Design, and Animation. But even when he’s not working, he still uses his creativity and talent in his free time.

“I do a lot of work outside of VOLT, including music videos. Even if I was a plumber next week, I’d still be making videos on the side. I truly love my craft, and I like coming to work every day knowing I’ll have a new challenge.”

The Subaru Park Project

VOLT Studios has a great relationship with Carmichael Lynch. Usually, we work with them on live-action commercials but a unique situation arose where the client needed motion graphics.

Subaru of America, Inc. is the official sponsor of the Philadelphia Union’s soccer stadium, Subaru Park. They wanted a series of fun, easily digestible videos to play on the jumbotrons during matches that would instruct guests on the proper ways to use the trash and recycling receptacles located around the arena.

The good folks at Subaru were aware of Kurtis’ talents with motion graphics and decided he was the best person for the job! After a few days of brainstorming, blocking, and determining a timeframe, Kurtis jumped into the nitty-gritty and got the job done.

He created all of the segments using Adobe Creative Suite, specifically Illustrator and After Effects. While there are 3D elements in the graphics, Kurtis also used a few tricks to give the illusion of 3D.

Overall, the process took about three weeks to complete, and the final result was fantastic. Kurtis created a fun, engaging piece of content that entertains and educates. Take a look for yourself!

“Kids and adults don’t always know how to recycle properly. I hope these graphics help encourage good habits.”

So do we, Kurtis! Thank you for helping Subaru make a positive impact. We’re proud of your work and appreciate everything you do at VOLT Studios and beyond.