The Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota

We love getting the opportunity to work with brands and companies close to our hearts. The Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota is undoubtedly one of them.

The Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota is a statewide nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower individuals and families, create community, and celebrate the abilities of people with Down syndrome. We were invited to create a series of videos to showcase just that. We had the pleasure of working with some incredible families who were brave enough to share their stories. 

This shoot was our first live-action production since COVID hit. We took every precaution imaginable to make sure our crew and the families we worked with were safe and protected. It provided some challenges, sure, but it was fantastic being back in action.

The shoot provided many opportunities for us to showcase the talented team we have here at VOLT. The fantastic editing skills of Amber Navarette, Kurtis Benson’s spot-on animations, the brilliant Jennie Ekstrand as our producer, and Tom Jacobsen’s creative direction, we couldn’t go wrong.

Thank you, Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota, for letting VOLT play a small part in these families’ lives.

Creative Director – Tom Jacobsen 
Editor – Amber Navarette 
DP – Brian Lundy
Copywriter – Dave Keepper
Producer – Jennie Ekstrand
Animation – Kurtis Benson
Music – Black Label Music
Mix – SisterBoss