Thoughts from the EP

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I recently sat down with our Executive Producer, Amanda Tibbits, to talk about how she and her team have kept production and communication lines with clients seamless during the pandemic.

Amanda, what has changed from a production perspective since the pandemic started?

“I think the biggest change is the ability to do “run and gun” shoots. Everything takes much more planning and time. You can’t just barrel through locations or shots. We have to make sure everyone is safe and stays healthy.”

What are the challenges prevalent in the industry today?

“In the post-production world, we have seen less and less in-person sessions for the last few years. So, the switch to working with clients remotely was relatively seamless. Remote will be the new normal for the near future and maybe for a long time to come.”

Has your messaging with clients changed?

“My messaging hasn’t really changed. It has always been that we are there for them anytime they need us to make their lives easier. That stands true today more than ever.”

What about it has changed?

“I would say clients are working around their busy family lives and work lives, which sometimes means they need to reach me at 6am or 10pm at night, and I am always there. The structured workday has changed, and we are all adapting to responding at all times of day or night.”

Have you seen an increase or decrease in their communication?

“I have not seen an increase or decrease. Communication has always been key to my job as a Producer, and I enjoy talking to our clients and helping them through these stressful times.”

Has bidding on projects changed at all?

“Bidding had already moved to a system where we would let the clients know what something cost and they would come back with what they could afford. That hasn’t changed in the COVID world.”

What takeaways will you keep in mind when COVID ends? Or do you think this is the “new normal?”

“I believe this is the new normal for the next year or so. Remote sessions, Zoom calls, review links, and patience will be how things operate for awhile. I also think it has made clients more understanding and realistic about what is possible.”

Check-in with us again next week when I speak with our Chief Creative Officer, Tom Jacobsen, about the way he tackles creative changes during COVID-19 and how he has adapted his style to meet our client’s needs and wants.