Video Production Services

Video Production Services

The glitter and the glam of putting it in the can.

Have you ever watched a commercial that makes you laugh out loud? Or maybe you’re in the middle of a documentary that’s so gripping you’re losing sleep over it. In both cases, you’re watching the result of hard work by video production companies.

Video is the most important piece of marketing content. It grabs people’s attention and has the power to inspire. At VOLT Studios, we create mind-blowing content that fuels action. If you need stellar video production services, we can help you through:

  • Live-Action Production
  • Animatics
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • VFX Supervision
  • Green Screen Shoots
  • 2D/3D Animation
  • Motion Design
  • And More!

VOLT Studios partners with a brilliant collective to help brands mesmerize their clients and customers. We have worked with outstanding companies such as Fallon, Arby’s, Periscope, Subaru, and more. If you need creative video production services, we can help!

About VOLT Studios

We believe that bold ideas deserve brilliant production. We offer creative, commercial, and corporate video production services and would love to collaborate with you on your next project.

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