VOLT Studios COVID-19 Response

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Dear Friends,

We are all facing the challenges of the COVID-19 threat and the impact on our lives and our industry. Many of your companies and your clients have begun to restrict travel and on-site attendance for production sessions. Many of you may need to work from home or private office. VOLT Studios is prepared with solutions to allow you and your team to collaborate and work remotely during these times. After all, it is now more important than ever that your message to your customers is delivered in a timely and urgent manner.

Using today’s conferencing and collaboration apps such as ZOOM, Skype, and live video streaming, we make it easy and user-friendly for the team to focus on the creative process.

For those of you who can and wish to come to our facility, know that we instituted a strict protocol for cleanliness and safety. Staff members at Volt Studios and our partner companies who are ill, have a sick family member, or have been exposed to others at risk will be staying home.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or special needs as we are committed to supporting our community in this challenging environment.

Stay safe and healthy,
Your Team at VOLT Studios